Join us for Thinker Thursdays™

in a month, a week, or… this afternoon.

01. READ

Crack open a real book. (None of that iPad e-Book nonsense.) We’re talking real, dog-eared pages. Make real margin notes: ask questions, add insights, argue. Save it on something called a book shelf… for generations.


Have a conversation over a long lunch. (Not a rushed half-hour grab-and-go.) We’re talking about that eye-to-eye and passsion-connecting breaking of bread. iPhones off. A quiet corner. Listen. Share.


Take pen-in-hand. (Not a stylus or digital sticky note.) We’re talking  writing cursive on a real piece of paper. Better yet, use an archive-friendly notebook. Pass it on to your kid one day. Reflect. Dream.

Join The Fun.

The THINKER THURSDAYS™ tribe invites you to pursue margin—in the company of others. Whether in Boston (where this all began) or beyond, consider adopting the discipline of blocking out a full day (each week, month, or whatever is doable) for page-turning, conversation, and mulling. Invite others to join in. Sign up to keep updated on insights and upcoming events in your area.

    How It Works.

    Each Thursday, THINKER THURSDAYS™ participants block out the full work-day to read a book, connect with a deeper mind over lunch, and reflect on the same.

    The result: perspective and serendipitiesamong two. Join us. #ThinkerThursdays

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    Our Sponsors.

    Meet Devin, The Founder.


    I’m Devin D. Marks. In 2017, I realized that described me. Rushed. Harried. I thought it would stay the same until my daughter’s tuition checks ended.

    In the pell-mell rush of today, it’s far too easy to push on—to just keep pressing the accelerator. But we need time to pause. To carve out margin to read, connect, and reflect. 

    While I knew thatknow thatI struggled for years to find the time.

    One of my companies trains niche experts to deliver world-class TED Talks (and TED-style talks). We’re great at it—award-winning. Best-of-class, in fact. But that work never slows down.

    And then… 



      THINKER THURSDAYS™—a weekly discipline of blocking out the full day to read, connect,  and reflect—is now past the second cup of Joe. To contact Devin D. Marks, the founder, for a podcast conversation or a traditional media interview, click the link below.