Reflection: Entrepreneurs ask…

Reflection: Entrepreneurs ask…

Reflection: Entrepreneurs ask… 1030 948 THINKER THURSDAYS™

Recently, I reconnected with a college buddy on Zoom. He caught me up…

(Note: A thrilling example of an entrepreneurial mindset follows.)

He moved from Kentucky to New York City, after grad school. (They said he’d never make it in The Big Apple.) He persisted. That was 20+ years ago.

He hung out his therapy shingle, with a southern accent. (They said he wouldn’t be taken seriously and would fail.) He persisted. Now 20+ years later, he’s still going strong.

He walked client sessions into Central Park, leaving the couch behind. (They said it was irresponsible, even dangerous for patients.) He persisted. Walk & Talk Therapy became a sensation.

He decided 10 years ago that virtual therapy should be permitted. (They said it was illegal and it would never work.) He persisted. Now nearly every therapist is a (cv19-era) virtual therapist.

Recently, he sold his startup business, (Now they say he was prescient.)

But we know better… He persisted.

Entrepreneurs ask, “Why not?” They create. They persist.

I wonder, who do you know, who knows how to persist?

I’d love to hear the story…

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