Reflection: When change happens…

Reflection: When change happens…

Reflection: When change happens… 1030 948 THINKER THURSDAYS™

“Papa tell me a story.”

My 8 year-old daughter and I were trudging to school.

A blizzard hit the night before. The frozen roads were unplowed.

One mile, door to door.

So we walked.

A frustrating change.

We usually drove. Sometimes we biked.

But we didn’t talk in the car. Music on. Short commute.

Biking? Same thing. No conversation. Just single-file concentration.

But that snowy day it was too icy.

We walked.

And her arm slipped into mine and pulled tight.

“Papa tell me a story.”

I shared a childhood memory about “a little boy.”

Then she popped off a thought… or 23.

Next day the weather was still bad. We walked.

Before the driveway’s end she asked, “Papa tell me a story about the little boy.”

Later, leaving the school, I asked myself, “What does this change make possible?”

I decided, going forward I would always try and walk her to school with a story.

Even better, I offered to barter my story for one from her.

We made a pact: I would share a “ little boy” story outbound; she would share a school day story on the return.

And so, a frustrating change made something new possible.

I came to treasure those walks.

These days, Covid has changed all of that.


Yet, now I know to wonder…

What does this change make possible?

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