#TooRushed  #TooHarried 

I’m Devin D. Marks. In 2017, I realized that described me. Rushed. Harried. I thought it would stay the same until my daughter’s tuition checks ended.

In the pell-mell rush of today, it’s far too easy to push on — to just keep pressing the accelerator. But we need time to pause. To carve out margin to read, connect, and reflect.

While I knew that — know that — I struggled for years to find the time.

One of my companies trains niche experts to deliver world-class TED Talks (and TED-style talks). We’re great at it — award-winning. Best-of-class, in fact. But that work never slows down.

And then… 

I read about Bill Gates’ decision to block out a “Think Week” twice a year for reading and uninterrupted thinking. I thought to myself, “Wow, wouldn’t that be great…”

(“When I’m a CEO…”)

Well, wait. Why wait?

It dawned on me since I run my own thing… Granted my “thing” isn’t a multi-billion dollar enterprise. But I do have flexibility. I do have control over part of my week-to-week schedule.

Indeed, as an entrepreneur, I call the shots — to a large degree.

And I see the value in time for ongoing learning; thinking; breathing.

It makes me better in my main lanes: Leading a team that trains TED Talk and TED-style speakers. It makes me a better “next thing” startup catalyst. It makes me a better board member. It makes me a better servant in my faith community. It makes me a better husband and father. 

Instinctively I knew I would benefit from open calendar time like Bill Gates — professionally, educationally, relationally, even emotionally. After all… Burnout is real.

So in 2018, one of my new year resolutions was to block out one full day each week — to slow down and find that much-needed margin and perspective. To build a daylong “sabbatical” into my world.

Even better, I began to seek out thought leaders to meet with over lunch — iPhones off — and connect. No agenda, except to listen and learn.

The result has been transformative for me. And I believe it can be for you too. Whether weekly (or if that’s not practical), monthly, quarterly… or just an extra hour before lunch.

Imagine… Think about what that could do for you and your spirit!

Won’t you consider joining me for THINKER THURSDAYS?


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