It’s Time We Begin A “Real-Book” Reading Habit.

We all have a stack of books we’ve yet to crack open and finish. So instead of looking at titles on the shelf and hoping one day, you’ll get to them; packing wanna-reads into your overnight bag for that getaway only to never pull them out; ordering yet-another must-read on Amazon only to “not-read”… 

We don’t read enough anymore—individually or as a culture. Research by Pew in 2018 seems to dispute that, claiming 74% of us are reading. But sadly, the reality is that those findings are based on Americans completing (merely) one book in the last year. When we begin talking “real” books, those numbers drop even further.

What’s more, we’re keen to argue that Audio Books, iBooks, Serial Texts, or whatever non-tactile form is the current fashion trump real books. They just don’t count. (At least not in the same way.) 

Just as with face-to-face conversation or cursive ink on paper, we process information better the good ol’ fashioned way: Real books are better for us, according to this ABC report. Paper reading beats screen reading. Research is beginning to make this clear.

“Thinker Thursdays is one small step in the direction of renewing ‘real-book’ reading.”

Let’s make a pledge together to dedicate one day each week, beginning next week, to reading a real book. It may take you an entire month, or quarter to get through one.

But do so with relish! Dog-ear some real pages. Make real margin notes. Plan to pass that real book with your insights on to a friend, relative, or grandchild. They will appreciate your personalization of the same; your personality will come through and likely spark a conversation.

Extra-credit? Keep a reading log or a “Net Out” book report, like the one that Michael Hyatt has used in the past. (You can find details about his Net Out tool in this link.)

Reading a book that provides insight that sparks ideas is much more than just an item on your to-do list.  

It’s a journey.

Join me on this path, would you? Please touch base below and let’s share our discoveries.